Women, Peace and Security in Nigeria

In 2013, Nigeria localised UN’s Security Council Resolution 1325 through it’s 1st National Action Plan [NAP] on the women, peace and security [WPS] agenda. A 2nd NAP was launched in 2017, building on the gains of the 1st NAP, while reviewing the changes in contexts and the emerging trends relating to conflict and the protection of women’s rights; and the support for their participation in peace negotiations, post conflict reconstruction and prevention of wartime sexual violence.

Since then, 11 States have localised the WPS agenda with a State Action Plan [SAP], while 5 Local Government Areas have published their Local Action Plans [LAP]. As the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs provides oversight for the implementation and reporting of the WPS agenda in Nigeria.

This website aims to build a community of practice among the various stakeholders involved in actualizing the broad objectives of increased women’s effective participation in peace and security processes, peace negotiations , conflict prevention and resolution; and improved public perception on the role of women in peace and security at all levels through opportunities for engagement and dialogue.




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A brief documentary on Women Peace and Security in Nigeria

The Programme on Women, Peace and Security in Nigeria aims at achieving the localisation of the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 on women peace and security agenda. 

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